about me

Perla Mei

artist & home decorator

I am a landscape and animal painter living in Montreal, Canada
from interior design to fine arts

I always remember that art was my biggest passion from a young age. Before primary school, I was particularly interested in playing with coloured pencils and crayons. I even won some national children awards. Besides drawing, I also loved dancing and playing the piano. I started learning oil painting at 14 years old and always believed in the power of beautiful arts to transform daily life. After arriving in Canada, I discovered the beauty of wilderness and the diverse species of wildlife, and quickly fell in love with nature. Years later, I went to study marketing and followed a creative path to interior design school.

While I worked in interior design, I used lighting, layouts, textures, colors, and artworks to create a beautiful and cozy home. There is a popular concept in Chinese culture called “Feng Shui” which is all about home decoration to bring in good luck and positive energy. Everything artistic can significantly affect our mood and promotes creativity, happiness, and peace.


In February 2020, I was devastated when I read about the Australian wildfire destroying the homes of koalas and other animals. I painted a picture of koala mom and baby, hoping this cute painting could convince someone to buy to raise money for the koalas. Within a week, it was purchased by a generous donor. Since then, I picked up my paint brush and started creating again.

My dream is to share my passion for art with the world and bring happiness to all hearts. I hope my arts can inspire you and brighten your everyday.

Perla Mei

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