how to choose art based on your personality

Psstt! This tulip fields picture was taken by Perla Mei when she was visiting a self pick tulip fields in Montreal – May 2022

When it comes to picking the right artwork, I believe a lot comes from personal life experiences. Choosing an artwork that you love can really compliment the interior design of each room, adding just a little touch of personality to your home. Buying an artwork is part gut-instinct and part learning. Ultimately, the artwork that you will choose should speak to you, move you, make you dream and inspire you. A great piece of art does have a soul! Does the artwork make you feel happy? Calm? Or positive? The right artwork should be able to add positive value to your life, at least from my perspective as an artist! To help you choose the right one, I have listed some key things to remember to guide you find the one!

The One! 💖

Often decorative furniture and artworks are bought together to decorate and elevate a room. While it is true, furniture wears out and doesn’t last forever, whereas an unique art piece lasts for a long time and is often passed down from generation to generation. The art piece should represent the owner and not too driven by current trends. Something that you truly appreciate will stand the test of time.


As an interior decorator, I find that often people get intimidated and think very hard to match the colours of the room with the artwork. Rather the colours inside a room should reference the painting without mimicking it. The artwork should add some personality to the room and be the center of attention! If you already have wallpaper with a busy pattern, opt for an artwork that’s toned down. Alternatively, you can add a bold frame to the painting to draw attention to the piece. If your furniture has a more characterless colour palette, adding an impactful art piece could be more interesting. 😇

Set the mood!

Choosing the right artwork can set the mood of the room. Also, the function of the room is something to consider. Are you buying the artwork for the living room, bedroom, bathroom? For a room like the bedroom where people relax and unwind, a more peaceful artwork with a softer soothing color palette might suit the mood of the room. Whereas a more intriguing artwork might work better in place where you spend evenings in or have guests over.

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