what inspires me as an artist

Pssttt! The yellow bird picture was taken by Perla Mei while she was on vacation in Dominican Republic – December 2022

I always get excited for the beginning of spring when all the flowers start to bloom. Beautiful sceneries of natural beauty are everywhere (woodlands, jungles, rivers, beaches, mountains) and they’re a tremendous source of inspiration for my arts. Some flowers like cherry blossoms bloom for only two weeks. It made me realize how life can be so delicate and short.

birds teaching me about love 🦜💗

Winter in Canada can be long and rough, even more so for little birds. In my backyard, I put in place a bird feeder, a bird house, and a bird bath in hopes of helping little birds better surviving a harsh winter season. Little did I know they taught me so much about love. There’s something so adorable about birds’ dance when they see each other. I learned that more than 90% of birds are monogamous for life. Biologically, this is the only way they can be sure of having any surviving offspring. From my view, birds seem to believe in fairytale true love story. I guess little birds are great relationship teachers about love!

My life experiences, memories and dreams are big sources of inspiration for my paintings. I try to illustrate the most wonderful moments of my life onto a canvas and share a story with the audience. Beautiful colours bring me a lot of happiness and peace. I hope they make you smile too!

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